Fancy having those luscious long locks? May be a stacked bob hairstyle would suit you more! How about featuring a low ponytail with a curtain fringe? There are plenty of cutting-edge styles you can get to grips with when it comes to styling your hair and enhancing your look, but how do you choose a hairstyle that completely steals the show this season?

With suggestions and predictions from the world’s top hairstylists and colourists, we are revealing the most coveted hairstyles and hair trends that will dominate the Autumn/Winter 2019 season. 

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The DIY Top Knot


The DIY top knot is an evolving, chic and go – to style that has been reinvented by some of the biggest brands, including Sportmax, Chanel, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini and Hermiz Daniel. With over 9 different ways to pull off a top knot, this hairstyle is suitable for every occasion; be it a day at the office, an evening out with the friends or a night about the town.
A DIY top knot is a great updo option even if you have short hair. You can toss your hair into a voluminous bun and secure your layers with a satin ribbon or a woollen headband – a timeless trick to making your top knot bun appear ultra chic and fabulous!



The Blunt Jawline Bob

The Blunt Jawline Bob is one of the most versatile hairstyles poised to be a huge trend during the Autumn/ Winter of 2019. The cut’s distinct look complements an abundant number of face shapes and textures, and can be pulled off by anyone as long as the length of your hair is right. We all remember the wave that started when Dua Lipa chopped her hair into a neat bob back in 2018. The trend is set to take a leap in 2019 too and will still be very much in during the colder months!

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Hair Accessories

From the humble bobby pins and the zigzag headbands to more statement flowers and bows, hair accessories add a certain magic to your hair and overall look. Available in a number of shapes and styles, these beautiful ornaments can be used to enhance your a multitude of your daily looks, without spending too much time on styling your hair. Looking for the best hair accessory trends of 2019? Click here for the top ranked finds!


Oversized braids

Oversized braids can easily elevate your look from understated to bold! Whether you’re going to your office or a family night out, an oversized braid is the most classy and functional hairstyle that you can sport to hit the centre stage. You can braid your hair into a spectrum of styles – box braids, french pleats or braided buns, and strengthen your hair game by adding colorful highlights or accessories to your braid.


Baby Bangs

Baby bangs are in vogue this year! Predicted to be one of the biggest hair trends this season, Baby Bangs may just make a little part of your hairdo, but they are sure to give you a unique appearance everytime you style these short fringes. Short bangs go well with any hair length and face type, while allowing you to expose the architecture of the eyebrows, your beautiful eyelashes and your well defined eyeliner.

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