It’s your wedding, and you want every tiny detail to be perfect; from the fancy cake to the extravagant wedding decor, your dreamy outfit to your statement jewellery! Hmm, but what’s that one thing that will really compliment your wedding design and make your thunder last? Your hair of course!

Well if you don’t know what might suit you better – a Chignon or a French twist, we’ll help you decide how you can wear your hair on your big day!

Find A Hairstyle That Flatters Your Face Shape

Whether you got an oval, round, long, square or a heart shaped face, the key to elevating your overall look is choosing a hairstyle that creates an illusion of you having an oval face. There are tonnes of hairstyles that make your round face appear longer or your squared jaw a little softer, while only complimenting your individual features. Now, you don’t have to feel inundated by rules while choosing a hairdo that suits your face. While we are only giving you some suggestions, the mystery to looking gorgeous on your special day is going with a hairstyle that makes you feel comfortable and confident!

Match Your Hair With The Dress

Your hair has the power to take you from mediocre to magnificent! While you might have put a lot of effort and time in choosing your wedding dress, you really need to put some thought into your hairstyle to bring out the best in your wedding dress! If it has a dramatic neckline, you may want to opt for a hairdo that looks subtle, putting your neckline in the spotlight. If you’re going for a traditional attire, you can either go for a fancy bun or tousle your locks into a loose braid adorned with hair accessories like fresh flowers. Another secret lies in the shoulders of your dress. If you want to flaunt your shoulders on the wedding day, go for a hairdo that keeps your hair swept back and out of the way without interfering with your dress.


Do Your Own Research

This one’s for all the brides out there, who have a hard time committing to a hairdo! Before you head out for your bridal makeover, try and do your research. You can start a personal pinterest board or discover inspiration from your favourite instagram hair style gurus. If you are a die hard fan of some celebrity, now is the perfect time to put your obsession to use and recreate the hairstyles they sport. Incase everything falls apart, don’t worry, your bridesmaids are always there for you. Ask them to follow the latest hair-trends, look into magazines and brainstorm new hair looks for your special day.


Pamper Your Tresses

It’s your wedding and you have got a solid reason to pamper your hair and treat them to a relaxing massage! Treating your hair will not only help keep them healthy and beautiful, but will also help you relax amidst the wedding planning stress. Not only that, washing and conditioning your hair will add an extra shine to your hair and make it easy for your stylist to  apply all the necessary products your hair might need to make your dream wedding day look a reality. If you’re more of an environmentalist and want to go for some home remedies to maintain gorgeous and enviable locks, take a look at our blog – 5 home remedies to pamper your hair.


Match Your Accessories

Adding hair accessories is the perfect way to amp up your overall wedding look! However, you need to choose the right hair accessories to get the most out of your hairdo. Whether you’re wearing an embellished veil or a delicate tiara, our advice is that you should pick something that you’ll feel most beautiful in, and not something that detracts others from your gorgeous designer dress. One way of choosing the right hair accessories is matching them with your hair colour. If you’re a blonde, you could go for different tones of gold, including  yellow, white and rose. If your hair tone is more natural and warm, try going for gems like dark red rubies, emeralds, lighter rose amethysts, moonstones or other similar agates.